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  Automatic Caller ID & Address Lookup. Never have to manually key in a customer number and address ever again when they call in. Once they’re registered, our intelligent software will automatically show their details, as well as their distance from your restaurant. As well as this our ePos software shows you the number of orders they’ve processed with you in the past and total spend so you can identify your loyal customers.

High speed 80mm x 80mm thermal printer. Our software supports large receipts (80mm x 80mm) and works without ink. Enable headers, footers, promotions or even your logo on the receipt for brand awareness. Receipts are no longer just pieces of paper, they can mean so much more if used correctly. Need separate printers in designated areas such as dessert stations or drink stations? Our software is programmed to help you achieve this and can even group items together for you to easily read.

A card terminal is an absolute business must in this day and age. With card transactions increasing and customers preferring to pay by card, not having a card machine can put you at risk of losing business. Epos Anytime can provide you with numerous card terminals, from touchscreen to non touch and integrated with your ePos or simply run as stand-alone terminals.

Native iOS & Android Apps. All of our apps are compatible for iOS & Android devices and can be easily downloaded from relevant app stores. When we say ‘native’ we mean the app is developed/built for the specific device it’s running on. Other companies will provide you with hybrid apps or webview apps (website running as an app) – Don’t settle for less, at Epos Anytime we always make sure our technology is the latest out there.

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