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Software Features

Software Features

At ePosAnytime we pride ourselves by having a practical but easy to use software system, which is packed full of features, marketing tools along with giving you complete business control. Our software is a complete desktop based program, which can have a variety of add ons, including online ordering websites, to integrated credit card terminals. We don’t just provide you software for your order taking; our software is a complete management tool for your business. Our software is not dependent on your internet connection, so whether your internet is running or not, our software will never stop!

If would be impossible for us to list all of our features, and our software is ever evolving, please find our major features below, if there is something in particular you require which is not on the list, do contact us, we most likely will have in our software.

Key Points:

  • Very Fast One Touch Ordering
  • Clear Buttons, Easy to Read
  • Different Pricing Levels: Have a different price for Delivery, Takeaways & Eat In
  • Customise items while taking an order, complete order control, allowing you to add dressings, toppings and special instructions to individual items
  • Create new items, while taking orders with a touch of a button
  • Discounts and Deals
  • Print Multiple Receipts
  • Split Payments between Card and Cash
  • Add Multiple Printers – For example have printers in the kitchen and bar areas

Delivery Management:

  • Automatic Delivery Charges
  • Automatic Distance Calculation
  • Caller ID: Allowing you to identify customers when they call
  • Postcode Database: Simply enter your customer’s postcode to find there address
  • Get directions to point of delivery, with one touch
  • Quickly assign drivers to deliveries, allowing you get totals easily at the end of the night
  • Driver Payment Screen and Quick Driver Analysis Screen
  • Repeat Last Order
  • Send a SMS message to customer when the order is out for delivery, or if the delivery is running late

Collection Management:

  • Picks up customers telephone number automatically (Requires Caller ID Device)
  • Repeat Last Order
  • Assign a time after taking the order
  • Fast payment process when customer arrives in store
  • Assign a name to collection orders
  • Send SMS messages to customer once the order is ready to collect

Takeaway Management:

  • Fast Order Taking
  • Rapid Checkout Modules, Allowing you to Complete Transactions in Speed
  • Have dedicated takeaway terminals
  • System can automatically go straight to takeaway screen if configured

Table Management:

  • Complete Table Plan
  • Check, Edit and Change Orders while in service
  • Fast Order Taking
  • Send Orders Direct to Kitchen with One Touch
  • Automatic Clean Tables
  • Block Tables from Being Used While Customers are seated, avoiding double booking
  • Quick Check Tables Screen to See which orders and paid and unpaid
  • Kitchen and Bar Printers Supported
  • Waiter Tablets Supported
  • Pay@Table Card Integration

Reports & Marketing:

  • Automatic emails shop sales details to the manager at the end of the night
  • Complete breakdown of sales, including types of sales (Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly)
  • Cash Analysis Reports, to see how many cash and card orders throughout the day
  • Wet and Dry Sales – Breaks down food and drink sales into separate figures
  • Hourly Breakdown with Best Hour Highlighted
  • Delivery Breakdown, including driver analysis
  • Reports of what’s sold, and best sellers
  • Individual Employee Reports, Including how much discount and how many orders each employee has done throughout the day, week or year.
  • Time sheets, allowing you see how many hours employees are working, along with the their arrival and departure times
  • Find customers, including the first order date, and whether they are regular or new customers, there total spend, and number of previous orders
  • Send Emails or Text Messages to your customers
  • Find customers who haven’t ordered within a certain period, to target for your marketing
  • My Back Office – View Your Sales Live from Anywhere on your PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone

Management and Menu Control:

  • Easy Price Changes within Seconds
  • Create Employee’s with Different Access Rights
  • Edit Your Software and Website Menu from Your System
  • Configure Printers & Add on Devices
  • Configure Receipt Font Sizes
  • Change Button Colours
  • Configure Your Complete System to your Needs


  • We design our websites with complete ease of use in mind, we make it easier for the customer to make their order, within the least time possible, as well as being user friendly and attractive.
  • Complete Control over Your Website Menu
  • Offer Daily Discounts
  • Change Opening and Closing Times
  • 2 Way Communication so your Customers Know You Have Accepted the Order
  • Complete Mobile, and Tablet Friendly
  • Customised with your Logo, Theme and Pictures
  • Simple and Easy to Use for Customers
  • Contact Us Page with Map
  • Complete Search Engine Friendly (e.g Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Eliminate Mistakes, and Let Customers Order Their Own Food
  • Reduces Staff Order Taking Time

Extra Website Features Available:

  • Book a Table
  • Gallery Page
  • Testimonials Page

If you are unsure on how to promote your website, we offer various types of advertising which can help boost your sales and website orders.