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About Us

About Us
How Our Story Began

From running multiple fast food outlets, and restaurants, we realised, that the food industry was changing, customers needed more service, there were language barriers, with mistakes, and time wasted, not to mention all of the food wastage and wrong orders sent out. There needed to be a solution for businesses to grow and be profitable, so we began designing our own POS software, to work within our own businesses. Once created, with many years of testing and perfecting, we had achieved most of the goals we set out, our businesses were running smoother, deliveries were on time with less mistakes, and staff were finding taking orders much simpler. From there our software was launched into the local market, with most shops starting to use it. Since then we have launched online ordering platforms, mobile apps, and taking our solution to completely different level. We managed to sell our businesses and focus on the POS industry full time and growing our business.

Why Us?

ePos Anytime is one of the leading POS providers to the hospitality industry. Providing solutions to Takeaways, Restaurants, Café’s, Dessert Lounges and Bars. Our ePos systems, are not just designed to take orders, we offer a complete tool to manage your business, from taking orders, running reports, managing staff, marketing and much more. Click here to see a full list of features.

By developing an easy to use ePos software, along with a 5 star customer service and support, we have gained clients from all over the UK, from small businesses to franchisees. We offer solutions from just software, to a complete hardware and software solutions with optional professional installation.

ePos Anytime was one of the first to introduce online ordering and mobile apps within the UK for the hospitality industry, and our online ordering solutions is now one of the most advanced within the industry.

e: sales@eposanytime.co.uk t: 0203 4757 222

Our Development Team

We have a complete in house development team, which constantly strives to improve all of our solutions. We introduce new features from customer feedback, and market trends to make sure our software, and hardware is always one step ahead, making you have the best POS system possible.

Our software is always tested in live environments, to get real feedback and to have the most accurate testing.

Our Marketing Team

Our marketing team can help with growing your business; we review and put together a strategy to increase your overall orders, customers and turnover. From branding correctly, SEO all the way to Email Marketing we have a full range of marketing tools ready for you. Click here to see a full list of our Marketing Options.

marketing@eposanytime.co.uk t: 0203 4757 222

Our Support Team

If you need any support with your ePos, we are always here to help, our teams wealth of knowledge and experience, is crucial to making sure you never experience any issues, from 10am to 12am our 14 hour support line is one of the best in the industry. You can easily contact us via email, phone or our online live chat.

Support is key when purchasing an ePos system, whether it be information on changing your menu, technical support, or simply advice, our systems are suited to last you for long period of time, so choosing a company with a top level is customer support is crucial.

support@eposanytime.co.uk t: 0203 4757 222